Exhibition at The Easton, in Clerkenwell


I currently have some work at the Easton pub in Clerkenwell (22 Easton Street, WC1X 0DS). There is a range of work, lithos and screenprints. It is situated just off a lovely street of restaurants and bars called Exmouth market, just down the road from The Medcalf where I have exhibited in the past. Please come down and take a look!

In other news I’m soon to have more work on show at some venues in South London, in Forest Hill. Also I’ve very nearly completed my new website which will soon go live and have been working on some new work for a project and exhibition with a talented illustrator friend on architecture and urban environments in London. My work has looked at the changing appearances and uses of areas in London. In particular how the function of buildings and districts has changed. Commonly moving away from industry to leisure. While many features, architectural details and the old place names remain, the function of the space and building has adapted in accordance with the modern world.


Tracingtime_web TracingOverTime_Web Corner_webInterior 4 Pub_Outside

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Poster Illustration for Art Fair

Blue Period Poster

This is an illustration I was asked to do for a poster for an art fair/exhibition. I tried to make a comment on art typically produced now. With so much digital involvement and technology used in the making of work, the traditional idea of the artist producing work in the moment, messily splashing paint, might now be less common. I think blue is a colour that has been chosen by artists in the past because it can be effectively used on its own. While it is associated with being cold and stark it can be powerful, rich and effective in combination with black. Yves Klein and Picasso are two artists who used just blue to good effect. Another element of this illustration which has been possible with the use of blue is the suggestion of orange light. The blue in the shadows makes the illuminated areas from the light of the candle standout. Blue and orange are complimentary colours so while there is no orange used, the blue gives a suggestion of the colour of the warm light source. It was also important to give the image a traditional and possibly nostalgic feel. I have worked in the past with lithography and here I tried to replicate the hand produced feel and marks possible but also the way sections of colour are introduced in this old and complex printmaking medium. The print ‘Dinner Party’, below is a lithograph I made previous to this illustration. Having recently been to the London Art Fair I saw some great lithographs, including Andy Wahol’s ‘One Blue Pussy’ and ‘A Cat Named Sam’. Edward Bawden’s prints and Chris Orr’s ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Earth’ were other great Lithographs at the fair. Abstract Expressionism is another period in art that I wanted to reference. Pollock’s splash painting is referenced in the subject. Also an inspiration was the work of Max Beckmann and Otto Dix, whose simple, abstract, sometimes mechanical forms and figures were used, making gestures, actions and expressions more exaggerated.

BluePeriod_Sketch_Others005_Blog   Dinner_Blue_Web2_Blog

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Cheltenham Illustration Awards Submission

This is a narrative I created and illustrated for the Cheltenham Illustration Awards. The brief was to come up with a narrative on the subject, ‘The tales of magical objects’. Central to the theme were amulets and charms that are believed to have a spiritual power. Another source of inspiration was the collection in the Pit Rivers Museum in Oxford, which has an amazing collection of artifacts from all over the world which go back centuries. There is a great online virtual navigation function which shows every corner of the museum and object in detail and can be found here . I definitely enjoyed working on the narrative and the subjects, I’m sure they will return in projects in the future. The title I used for this was ‘Praying For Rain’.

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Obama editorial illustration for New Turn magazine

This is a commission I did for New Turn magazine. The subject is Barak Obama’s pledge before he came to power to close Guantanamo Bay. In reality that hasn’t happened and as he campaigns again to remain president, there is a question of how we can believe any promise or commitment to policy, politicians make. An online version of the magazine can be found here: newturn_magazine_2 and the website for new turn is here: www.newturn.org.uk . The New Turn is a very proactive organisation which has holds talks with leading politicians, discussions, as well as the magazine which has social, political and cultural comment.

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Epha3 Papero Illustration Commission

A month ago I was contacted by Epha3, a design marketing company to create my own illustration / design on a series of self-assemble models produced by a company called Papero. In September they took the models, either a biplane or a buggy car, each with a unique design and illustration on them to a large exhibition and design industry event called Objet & Maison in Paris. On their website they built separate artist profiles for each of the artists involved, all of the models are on display and for sale at the show and afterwards they will be available to purchase online. It was a good opportunity to collaborate on something fun and try something different.

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Illustration on T.M. Wolf’s book ‘Sound’ for The New Wolf

This is another illustration I did for, The New Wolf’. The article was written by Jamie Tennent, on the book ‘Sound’ by T.M. Wolf. The book has been described as revolutionary in terms of  its layout- similar to a music score and it’s content, a break through in terms of its originality compared to ‘Generation X’. The book follows a young man, taking leave from studying for a Doctorate in Philosophy to work and live in New Jersey, in a Boat Yard. Many interesting characters and relationships are described, including, an unconventional relationship with a local girl, the reuniting with an old friend who fronts a covers band. Also, the pothead, albino twin and rastafarian co workers from the Boat Yard. This is also set against the backdrop of New Jersey with sycamores, synagogues, rococco palaces, modernist estates, palm trees and swimming pools.

The illustration shows his position as shift manager in a Boat Yard, caught up in dreams, ideas and music that occupy his mind. A part of this is the paranoia of police surveillance he developed and also the relationship with a local girl, Vera, described as beautiful yet frustrating and odd. You can read the article here: www.thenewwolf.co.uk/2012/08/t-m-wolf-sound/

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An illustration I did for an article on Advertising, for the Online magazine New Wolf, www.thenewwolf.co.uk . They are a collective of independent, creative minds who comment and review art, politics and current social issues. They also host events and exhibitions, wanting to offer a wider picture of the world, telling stories which are sometimes missed or overlooked. It is great to work on projects which deal with important, serious matters but also look at the newest art and culture. It’s enjoyable producing this find of satirical, critical work. The intentions were to challenge, provoke and offer humourous perspectives, as a counter weight to popular opinion, but not enforce any particular persuasion or make judgement. This illustration shows the dilema of the writer. The article describes his employment in the advertising industry, despite having a more Marxist political standpoint. I used a quote on advertising being the ‘Belly of the beast’ of business and combined it with a stereotype of a London business worker, to provide a metaphor  for consumerism. I think the interpretation offers a simplistic standpoint on the irony of advertising but more significantly a humourous questioning of where industry is heading, why people consciously engage with consumerism and the sophistication sometimes needed in advertising. Here is a sketch which was the starting point for the finished illustration above.


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