Poster Illustration for Art Fair

Blue Period Poster

This is an illustration I was asked to do for a poster for an art fair/exhibition. I tried to make a comment on art typically produced now. With so much digital involvement and technology used in the making of work, the traditional idea of the artist producing work in the moment, messily splashing paint, might now be less common. I think blue is a colour that has been chosen by artists in the past because it can be effectively used on its own. While it is associated with being cold and stark it can be powerful, rich and effective in combination with black. Yves Klein and Picasso are two artists who used just blue to good effect. Another element of this illustration which has been possible with the use of blue is the suggestion of orange light. The blue in the shadows makes the illuminated areas from the light of the candle standout. Blue and orange are complimentary colours so while there is no orange used, the blue gives a suggestion of the colour of the warm light source. It was also important to give the image a traditional and possibly nostalgic feel. I have worked in the past with lithography and here I tried to replicate the hand produced feel and marks possible but also the way sections of colour are introduced in this old and complex printmaking medium. The print ‘Dinner Party’, below is a lithograph I made previous to this illustration. Having recently been to the London Art Fair I saw some great lithographs, including Andy Wahol’s ‘One Blue Pussy’ and ‘A Cat Named Sam’. Edward Bawden’s prints and Chris Orr’s ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Earth’ were other great Lithographs at the fair. Abstract Expressionism is another period in art that I wanted to reference. Pollock’s splash painting is referenced in the subject. Also an inspiration was the work of Max Beckmann and Otto Dix, whose simple, abstract, sometimes mechanical forms and figures were used, making gestures, actions and expressions more exaggerated.

BluePeriod_Sketch_Others005_Blog   Dinner_Blue_Web2_Blog


About Matthew Dale

Illustrator / Artist / Printmaker based in London, graduated from RCA in Communication Art and Design.
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