Illustration for: The Festival of the Moving Image 2012

I was asked to produce an illustration for ‘The Festival of Moving Image 2012’. The design was used across the festival, logo, poster and Web. The Website can be found here: . Aeron O’Connor has planned it really well, since well before Christmas. It was initially founded in 2007, and has enjoyed great success, having had Ken Loach and Vanessa Redgrave, coming to speak about their films in recent years. Aeron’s blog can be found here: . The festival runs across 3 days (starting this Friday night, 10th February to Sunday 12th) and the concepts running across the films are:

‘Exploring how the visual and auditory aspects of film can aid the human imagination to cope with, interpret and distort reality. Three nights of films, talks and experiments aimed at challenging the senses and the mind.’

It was a challenge to create an illustration which contained all of the information  and visual references behind the idea for the festival. It was unique in many ways, at first I was told there would be a focus on the origins of cinema with a possibility they would have a live orchestra to simulate early screenings. Very much part of the idea were notions of self reflection, imagination and challenging / distorting the senses. The metaphors for the 3 nights were mirror, spyglass and prism. So there was lot to communicate and draw from for the poster/ design.

Really looking forward to seeing some of the films! The festival is free but apparently it’s advisable to arrive early for a space..!


About Matthew Dale

Illustrator / Artist / Printmaker based in London, graduated from RCA in Communication Art and Design.
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