Otherside Exhibition

The Otherside Exhibtion was an interesting opportunity to move my work in another direction, working directly onto the walls in a cafe/bar called ‘Tina We Salute You’. Working in large scale and applying media directly presented new challenges, in designing something unique and engaging for the public. I was given a space which was below the counter, at the front of the cafe. It was tricky to paint on a surface which stretched from the floor up to around 1.5 metres, but for children especially it was prominent and visible. I collaborated with a nice group of illustrators and designers, most were sudents and graduates from Camberwell and the Royal College of Art. As we worked we could see each others processes and interpretations, with the art and ideas blending into a whole. The concept which tied the whole together was in the form of a story written by an English student from Oxford university. Each of the artists received a hand made card, relief printed and letter-pressed with a section for them to interpret (shown above). Becky Allen organised and curated the show, as a final year project for her degree at Camberwell. The process and evolution of work, as well as the importance of collaboration were aims and key in making the show a success. It was a great experience to take the work into a public environment, made specifically  for the time, space and place. Specifically amoung those who participated were some friends, Yuki NishimuraMonika Naranjo-Uribe and Becky Allen. The event was also showcased on a website which explains further the project and collaborators and can be found here, The Other Side.


About Matthew Dale

Illustrator / Artist / Printmaker based in London, graduated from RCA in Communication Art and Design.
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