UPside Exhibition

The UPside show ran from September to December last year. Looking back it was a great exhibition to be involved in. The organisation started back in December 2009 when I emailed a close group of artists and everyone was interested in collaborating. The concept took shape steadily over the the next following 6 months. At the time, and still now to some extent, optimism had been lost in a wave pessimism. Upside was intended to give a platform for an eclectic range of art, providing a release from heavy air, and weight of uncertainty. When the concept, design and proposal had been confirmed by the Medcalf gallery/restaurant in Farringdon, we used a blog to each post sketches, ideas and thoughts of our work in progress, which you can find here: To mark the event and further document it we decided to compile and print a catalogue of our work. While the brief was specific, the many interpretations of the theme by book-artists, illustrators and printmakers made the outcome varied, surprising and fun. When the time came to exhibit the work, it was gratifying to see people reacting well to the art and atmosphere we had created, where they could spend time, and also eat and drink. In total I exhibited 18 works, in 2 large frames. The works called ‘Animalisms’ featured animals in humorous, surreal and absurd situations, these can all be found on my website here. On the night of the private view and throughout the duration of the show some people’s works were sold and there were two particularly nice reviews which are here: Supersweet Magazine and Sketchbook Magazine. The group have also exhibited as the Playroom collective as well,  showing at the Dream Space gallery just over 2 years ago, also at the Alternative Press Festival and the Thames Festival. The blog can be found here, Playroom Collective. Everything seems to change so much in one year in London, spaces, new media, opportunities as well as faces. Maybe success is based on realising the times and staying tuned.. Keen as Mustard..


About Matthew Dale

Illustrator / Artist / Printmaker based in London, graduated from RCA in Communication Art and Design.
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3 Responses to UPside Exhibition

  1. 小肠儿 says:

    hey, matt! haha, this is ur Matt’s style! pretty coooooool! and i saw kazu and paul from pic!

    • Matthew Dale says:

      Hey Rong! Hope youre doing well.. Keep doing the illustrations and your blog! Let me know any news. See you soon

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