Drawing Elective: Drawing From Film

Last year the Drawing Elective was a very interesting and challenging experience at the RCA. The briefs came weekly and with just a small group of 7 the discussion was relevant and critical. Movement and expression has always been fascinating to me and the opportunity to draw from film, the focus of one brief, proved to be a positive experience. I used stills from films such as Casino (below) and The Deer Hunter (bottom). The results could be quite raw and energetic, but the characterisation and interaction within the story could be revealing too. Federico Fellini, Tim Burton and Alfred Hitchcock all used drawing as a part of their practice, in both an expressive and experimental way but also as a separate outlet of finished work. Surreal, fantastic, humourous and erotic results are found in their work as drawing is an instant and personal tool. In retrospect it has been a useful approach as I’m now making studies of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (Joker’s henchmen above) in a commission to illustrate and design characters for the new Batman theatre production ‘Batman Live’.





About Matthew Dale

Illustrator / Artist / Printmaker based in London, graduated from RCA in Communication Art and Design.
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