DRAW exhibition with Quentin Blake

In April, this year there was retrospective exhibition of the artists involved with the DRAW program at the RCA. Over the last 3 years, students and established artists have presented works and formed dialogues and discussions on common themes in their work, the blog for each of the sessions is found at: http://drawingrca.blogspot.com/ In March Quentin Blake and I had presented our work together in a session called ‘Off the Page’ this looked at ‘New Contexts, new content, stretching the dimensions of drawing and illustration.’ We each presented work for 45 mins each and a discussion followed. For a number of months leading up to the presentation we met and discussed how we could explore the potential of illustration, where the  industry was headed and impact and relationship it has to society. This is the final session outline,

‘The aim of the session would be to look at the increasing involvement the Illustrator has in the choice of subjects and messages communicated. The positive impact that can be made in public spaces with an emphasis on showing a darker, more real side of life are both, becoming greater concerns. This is especially true of the messages communicated to children but also those to adults’ as the boundaries between the two genres are far less distinct. The important role Illustration can have in allowing people to develop their own forms of expression starting at an early age is another positive aspect. As new platforms to view and express work across cities and in alternative press increase, the messages are more personal and inclusive to society.’


About Matthew Dale

Illustrator / Artist / Printmaker based in London, graduated from RCA in Communication Art and Design.
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