New work!

Robot_WebShad3_detailIMG_4794Parachute_Bosspainter George_Bush Football_Supporters Shad2_Detail Lifedrawings_Scan twitter3 twitter 8 Death Wings_Of_Pleasure

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OctopusI’ve have been working on a fun new project and collaboration with an animator and writer. The story is about four characters, sea creatures, Cephalopods. Nautilus, Cuttlefish, Octopus and Squid. Each have a very different characters, from Wise to Aggressive, another sweet and the other mysterious. The story and characters are taking shape. As well as an animation I think the story would also lend itself well to a childrens book! I hope the characters and personalities (animalities) clearly match?

Nautilus4a Nautilus4bCuttlefish Octopus10Octopus2aOctopus3 Squids11 Squids12Squids3

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Open studio with Day Job, at Bussey Building Peckham

OpenStudioInvite_Friday8thNovThis evening myself and studio mates, Day Job are having an open studio and exhibition! Should be lots of cool work to see. Just on for one night and especially fun as we will soon be leaving Peckham and the Bussey building and moving to a new studio in Bermondsey. So it’s a leaving party too.. Farewell Bussey! Pls come down and take a look! (Below is a small detail of a new illustration I did for the show, of Shad Thames and its Dickensian past)


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Architecture; Shad Thames / Southbank

architecture8_web architecture11_webarchitecture7_web architecture10_web architecture1_web architecture6_webarchitecture12_webThis is a new series of pencil drawings. I have used the Shad Thames, Tower Bridge and the view over to Broadgate as the inspiration. Contrasting the old and new and transitional architecture there. I’ve also started to draw from location (life), outside in the elements, which has been a new challenge. The Bottom drawing is actually the Camera Building in Oxford. I’ll continue to develop this series, possibly into print and hopefully exhibit the drawings soon!




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Love Bites ‘Young Couple’

lovebites_Final_WebI’ve been developing one particular sketch for the series, Love Bites.. The young couple. Above is the hopefully the final sketch and I’ll soon receive the audio. In the mean time I have been working on some stills for the animation. I’m pleased that it’s all coming together! :-> Lovebites1_2ndsketch Lovebites2_2ndsketch Lovebites3_2ndsketch Lovebites4_2ndsketch Lovebites5_2ndsketch Lovebites7_2ndsketch LoveBites_TalkingHeads_3rdScan3_Web LoveBites_TalkingHeads_3rdScan4_Web LoveBites_TalkingHeads_3rdScan_Web

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Illustrations for ‘Love Bites’, short stories by Cliff McNish


Children’s author Cliff McNish, is an established and successful writer of books for young adults and children. He specialises in horror, with sometimes bizarre, intense themes, here is his website: . I met him and having read some of his new scripts on relationships, emotions within them and the complications and different dynamics. For example an elderly couple who live in a world of routine, when confronted by an impulsive change of heart- to opt not to have a biscuit with an evening tea, the result is amazement and incomprehension. Another sketch features a sick man on the couch who uses the situation to effectively test his partners sympathies and patience, having her wait on him, changing TV channels, fetch biscuits and blankets, without him lifting a finger. I’m looking forward to developing the illustrations further and possibly use animation to tell the whole story.young_sofa_couple4

young_sofa_couple3 Love_Bites_Elderly2young_sofa_couple2 Love_Bites_Sicktable_talk6 table_talk1 table_talk5Love_Bitestable_talk2 table_talk3 table_talk4 young_sofa_couple5

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Editorial Commissions for New Turn Magazine

Mit Romney Super Pacs

Japanese boxer on deathrow version 1Japanese boxer on deathrow version 2

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